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Lineage 2 Classic Zaken 2.5 - Forgotten Island

L2 Epic Club is an L2 Classic project in the Zaken version of a serious project and without “paying to win”, we do not intend to be just a hobby in which we see servers open for a short period, seeking only to collect profits for a certain period. Our mission is our differential, showing our total trust and transparency towards you player, for which we have total respect and dedication. We inform you that our server will never be shut down, we do not depend on donations to keep us connected, as we have our own Datacenter server located in North America, more precisely in Canada.

Due to this credibility, we affirm that our project has a long life guarantee, keeping it always online for you, L2 lover. We are constantly updating, in order to solve any problems arising from BUG and BOT. We have a team of trained developers and experts in the history of L2, in which they seek revisions in Geodata and GameGuard. With that we are sure to keep this server fair, clean, balanced and pleasant to the game.

Due to our serious and professional structure, we have monthly expenses with maintenance, developers, security software. For this, donations will be accepted to assist in the fixed expenses generated by the project and this leads us to extremely important information. Donations will not be applied with bonuses that benefit players through equipment or items that give the player an advantage over other players or that unbalance the game's economy. All donations will result in benefits from items that help the player's experience through experience bonuses and skill points.

  • We have our own Data Center.
  • We have our own development team.
  • Staff and GM server online.
  • Premium Server Review + Upgrade License
Version: Classic Zaken 2.5 - Forgotten Island
All information contained in the table below can be modified according to server updates.
Server Time Gmt -5    XP / SP = 5x    Normal Buff 30 Min    Duration 15 Days
   Protection Bot    Adena = 5x    Dance Buff 10 Min    Minimum level 55+
   Geodata Active    Drop = 3x    Song Buff 10 Min    Need Fights 15
   Quest Job Active    Quest = 3x    Special Buff 10 Min    Oly NPC Buff
   Not Sub-Class    Spoil = 3x    Epic Buff 30 Min    Hero Weapons
   Off Private Shop    Fishing = 3x    Max. Slot Buff 30    Hero Nobles
   Book Learn Skill    Raid Drop = 3x    Max.Chance Debuff 70%    Hero Skill
   Not Auto Loot    Epic Drop = 1x    Min.Chance Debuff 10%    Hero Tickets
XP / SP 3% 7% 15% 25% 30% 30% 30%
DEATH PENALIT REDUCTION (XP) - - + 10% + 15% + 20% + 20% + 20%
WORLD CHAT - ANNOUNCEMENT - + 3 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 10 + 10
XP / SP - FISHING - - - + 20% + 20% + 20% + 20%
ALL STATS INCREASE - - - - - + 1 + 2

500 $ 5.00 0% VIP LEVEL
1.000 $ 10.00 5% VIP LEVEL
2.000 $ 20.00 7% VIP LEVEL
5.000 $ 50.00 10% VIP LEVEL
10.000 $ 100.00 15% VIP LEVEL
25.000 $ 250.00 20% VIP LEVEL
% BONUS: 0% 3% 5% 7% 9% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20%



Humans are the most diverse and capable of all the races. They have the most balanced stats and the largest selection of available classes. Although Humans were created by Gran Kain, they worship Einhasad, the Goddess of Light.



Elves were born of water, making them fluid, agile, and infused with good magic. Deeply in tune with the forces of nature, they worship Eva, the second Goddess of Water. Elves excel at beneficial magic, archery, and singing above all.

Dark Elf


Dark Elves were once part of the Elven tribes, but were banished after they learned black magic in order to obtain the power to fight Humans.


Physical Strength

The Orc race is the race of fire. Among all races, Orcs possess the greatest physical strength, with high maximum HP and MP levels but have slow movement, attack, and casting speeds.



Dwarves are of the race of earth. They excel at crafting, resource gathering, and heavy combat. Their prowess and great physical strength allows them to take on multiple enemies at once.


Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Requirements

Before installing Lineage II, please check to make sure your PC meets the requirements below:

◼ Windows 7 32bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 10 32bit
◼ Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or equivalent
◼ RAM Memory 2 GB
◼ 30GB Available HDD Space
◼ NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT or ATI Radeon X1600 series card
◼ Internet Speed 1MB / 56k Moden
◼ Directx 9.0c

Attention: if your system cannot meet the minimum requirements, the game may run with some problems or not at all. So so that you don't have any problems with our server we suggest that players meet all the recommended specifications.

How to install our server

1nd – Download the full game Lineage 2 Epic Club from the link provided below:

◼ Mirror: Updater + Full Client - 9.5 GB
◼ Mega Donwload: Full Client - 9.5 GB
◼ Google Driver: Full Client - 9.5 GB
◼ MediaFire: Full Client - 9.5 GB

2nd - After downloading our Client "Lineage 2 Epic Club", use the Winrar or 7zip program to extract the client in any location or directory of your choice.

See some examples below:
◼ “C:\Program Files\Lineage2 Epic Club”
◼ “C:\Program Files (86x)\Lineage2 Epic Club”
◼ “D:\My games\Lineage2 Epic Club”

Beware of scams and cheats

We’ve seen in the recent past that scams have been on the rise. Please take a few minutes to read the following in order to better understand what is and is not a scam, how to recognize potential scams and thus avoid them.

What is a Scam?
A scam is an act of deception, generally when a person promises a service or reward in exchange for money, but the promise is not fulfilled after the money is exchanged. In the case of Lineage II, a scam is a player-made agreement based on good faith but that often leads to the victim losing Adena or items. Because it is a player-made arrangement and the exchange of Adena or items was voluntarily and does not bypass and in-game systems, Epic.Club cannot assume responsibility. For better or worse, players are real people with their own agendas, responsibilities, and opinions. Epic.Club cannot police morals, and as such cannot replace the lost Adena or items, nor action the player that did not keep their promise.

Caution, don't use bot

Our policy on the use of 3rd party bot and automation programs has not changed, and we are still actively identifying players that use such unauthorized programs. Confirmed use of these types of programs is in breach of Lineage II User Agreement, and will result in the closure of your account.

Main programs detected as threats: PHX, Adrenaline, L2Tower, L2 Walker … among others

Some scams, though few, are caused by using game bugs, exploits, or hacks. Players that are found doing this may be banned. Players that are victimized by these kinds of scams may be able to receive assistance from Epic.Club. Each case is different so the outcome or resolution of the scam is not guaranteed. If you know of a player that is exploiting a game bug or using a hack, notify the GMs directly and immediately.

How to Buy Ecoin

ECOIN is a virtual currency that can be used to purchase digital items for Lineage II from in-game virtual item stores, ECOIN purchases are made with real world currency, and only ECOIN can be used to purchase items from the Lineage II online store or in-game store.

1 – Log in to your account to be able to access the user panel and go to the shop button.

2 – Select the bundle of ECOIN that you wish to purchase. Please be sure that you choose the correct bundle.

3 – Choose your payment option you’d like to use.

4- Enter your credit card information or PayPal information when requested.

5 – Click the PURCHASE NOW button. Please be sure to click the button ONLY ONCE.

During times of increased sales volume, it is possible that you may not immediately receive the ECOIN you purchased. There can be a delay of up to 12 hours while your order is being processed. Once your order has been processed and completed, you will receive another e-mail confirming that your order has been processed and that your items have been delivered.


These Epic.Club Terms of Purchase apply to any transaction or sale of virtual goods in an Epic.Club Game (other than FUSER™), as set forth below . Capitalized terms that are used but not defined in these Epic.Club Terms of Purchase have the meanings assigned in the Epic.Club User Agreement. These Epic.Club Terms of Purchase may be modified at any time by us in our sole discretion. Your purchase of Virtual Goods after the date of any changes to these Epic.Club Terms of Purchase signifies your acceptance of such changes.

Virtual Goods:

The following applies to any Virtual Goods:

◼ The purchase of Virtual Goods and other related transactions is subject to the User Agreement.

◼ Epic.Club is solely in control of any Virtual Goods. The Virtual Goods are intellectual property licensed to you, not owned by you. We may change the value or characteristics of the Virtual Goods at any time, including entirely removing the Virtual Goods from a Game. The Virtual Goods have no cash value and may not be used outside of the game for any purpose.

◼ If you have any questions about a purchase of Virtual Goods, please contact.

Recurring Charges

Certain services available from Epic.Club may be offered as a recurring charge. We routinely display opt-out links in communications about those services. If you are having any trouble cancelling a recurring charge please contact.

Terms & Rules

1 - The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts. Content submitted express the views of their author only.

2 - This Service is only available to users who are at least 16 years old. If you are younger than this, please do not register for this Service. If you register for this Service, you represent that you are this age or older.

3 - All content you submit, upload, or otherwise make available to the Service ("Content") may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.

4 - You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws. You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content or your conduct.

5 - We may remove or modify any Content submitted at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We may terminate your access to all or any part of the Service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.

6 - You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

7 - These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

8 - If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use the Service. Use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these terms. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

9 - Violations: We may terminate your Account and/or take other appropriate measures, as determined in our sole discretion, if you or anyone using your Account or Name associated with you violates this User Agreement or the Rules of Conduct (including, for clarity, any community standards, policies, codes, or similar rules for the Services posted or otherwise made publicly available by us (“Community Standards”)). We primarily respond to violations or reports of violations of this User Agreement through warnings, temporary Service suspensions, or permanent Service terminations, depending on the severity of the violation. Any violation may result in a flag or mark on the Account in addition to any other disciplinary measures. We keep a record of each user’s complete Account history, and Accounts that are frequently involved in violations are subject to termination. If you have more than one Account, depending on the type of violation, we may terminate all of your Accounts associated with you or take other measures, with or without notice. We have no obligation to accept appeals. We also have no obligation to explain any decision regarding a violation of this User Agreement.